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We are a SOM baseball league that started in 1992 with the first version of the computer game so we have just completed our 25th season.  Some of our member have been in the league since year one and most have been in over 5 years.  We are unique in that we draft future players and are attached to our Major League franchise in protecting organization players.  We have a team AB/IP limit whereas a team cannot hoard players and therefore balance out when their "minor leaguers" advance to the majors.  

We have openings for Reds, Astros, Pirates and Rangers.

The spring draft will be held in February

                                over the       the the 2018 Championship.  

Refer to the Past Champions page for previous winners.

Division winners are:  Detroit, Minnesota, Cubs and Colorado.  The wild-cards were Texas, Boston, Colorado and Pittsburgh.

Click here for a complete file of rosters and outlook of teams for the draft

Our next 2 phases of the drafting process begins during spring training. First teams can protect up to 5 of players in their associated major league team's minor league system.  Then teams can draft any player with >100 AB or 30 IP to fill their roster for the season. 


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